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Re: Posts getting ignored (was F10 rpm of grub2 completely broken)

On Monday 14 December 2009, Sam Sharpe wrote:
>2009/12/14 Mikkel <mikkel infinity-ltd com>:
>> On 12/14/2009 11:11 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> Your treatment of redhat/fedora users with over a decade of use has
>>> finally reached the quitting point.  You refuse to fix openssh, hoping
>>> that would force me to install F12, and when I do and have problems, its
>>> go pound sand.
>> Do you think maybe the way you post, and the hassles of trying to
>> work with you to try and solve problems, might have something to do
>> with your posts being low priority on the list?
>Actually I quite like most of Gene's output - he's cranky and he likes
>guns - what's not to like?

;-)  Thanks.  I got the cranky part legit, I've earned it at 75.  I've been 
keeping a tv station on the air for the last 46 years someplace in the US, 
and I long since learned that when the cash machine is broken, and the plaque 
on your office door says "You're it, you are the Chief Engineer" & its your 
job to attack the problem,  2 things apply:

If the OGM gets in your hair, tell him to go pound sand, it will be fixed 
when its fixed and every time he distracts me just adds 20 minutes to the 
repair time while I get my mind back into tracing the problem.

And if he doesn't get out of the way, run over him.

Funny thing happened at the last 3 stations I was at, I never got fired, and 
I never asked for a raise, but I got them simply because they knew they would 
be a long long time finding another tech like me (I am a C.E.T. since 1972), 
who instead of tossing a $5,000-$50,000 piece of gear that was broken, got 
instead troubleshot down to the faulty component and repaired at least 2 
weeks faster than a replacement could be ordered and financed. Usually for a 
$0.32 IC chip. When I retired back in the middle of 2002, I was making a 
salary at a market 162 station that was matched at only one other station 
below the top 50.  Pretty good for a kid who quit school at 15 to go fix tv's 
in 1949.

>What stopped me from digging into this particular post was:
>1) I can't help on this issue (and I've been a bit busy lately).
>2) The word "you" cropping up repeatedly.

Humm, I'll have to plead guilty to the use of the "you" as the "you" that 
represents fedora, when in fact 98% of the folks here are just users like me.
So I'd like to apologize to those "you"s that are on my side of the wall 
here. ;-)

>I think there's a misconception here that addressing fedora-list is
>addressing the people who "make" Fedora. That's not necessarily the
>case, and by using the word "you" the blame is implicitly being
>transferred (probably through frustration or some kind of monthly
>cycle ;o) to "everyone who isn't called Gene Heskett", when probably a
>large proportion of list members have no more input into the source of
>Gene's frustration than he does himself. I don't think most people
>like being blamed for something that isn't their problem, which
>doesn't incline them to help out.

Yes, there is probably enough of that effect to be quite measurable.

>I don't speak for any kind of majority, but my contribution to
>"making" Fedora is pretty much zilch. I file the occasional bug, I
>help out other users where I can, but I'm not currently a Fedora
>Developer or Fedora Packager. However, I do consider myself part of
>the greater Fedora Community and I exclusively use Fedora at work and
>at home (well, at work I have RHEL as well, but it's not my choice on
>the servers ;o)
>Fedora is very definitely a Community and perhaps the best way to
>address this would have been:
># I have this problem - can anyone help?
># I still have this problem, is there any more information I can provide?
># I still have this problem, how do I report it to people that *can* help?
>Even if the end result is that no help is forthcoming, that's
>unfortunately the way the cookie crumbles - you get the guarantees you
>pay for... Ranting about it unfortunately doesn't go anywhere.

And I/we get to keep both pieces when it breaks. ;-)

>Also, I thought Linux Mint was a nice niche distro. It's not Fedora
>and I didn't feel I could dig into it as much as I do with Fedora, but
>it worked out of the box on an EEEPC I used to have at a time when F8
>and F9 wouldn't - so it has it's place - just not in my heart. At
>least it's from the right side of the Atlantic ;o)

There is that 'other side of the pond'  effect too!  I installed fglrx in all 
of 2 minutes including the download time, restarted x & never saw any 
problems, which is more than I can say for radeonhd, its always leaving a 
dirty corner of an object laying around till it has a good excuse to redraw 
that area of the screen.  That isn't at the top of my list though.

Thanks Sam, you made me think, and that's good.

Cheers, Gene
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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