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Re: F11 iptables can't disable

On Tue, 2009-12-15 at 00:32 -0500, KC8LDO wrote:
> Tim;
> I understand that.
> When I ask to stop a service it should stop, period. I shouldn't see the GUI 
> telling me its still running. Doing this for ip6tables it works as expected. 
> You stop it, it stops and the GUI says so. Disable it, its disabled, and the 
> GUI shows that too. And it stays disabled and not running when you reboot 
> the machine.
> Now do that with iptables. First it won't stop. Then I tried the CLI route, 
> which totally flushed out any rules. The service was disabled through the 
> GUI too. Rebooting the machine the service is shown as disable but running, 
> duh! Using the CLI I see a bunch of rules are loaded, again, @#$%! This 
> should not happen. If I configured a service to be disabled it should stay 
> that way, and not run, after a reboot.
> Clicking on the "Customize" menu item, in the Service Configuration GUI 
> tool, only run levels 2 though 5 are listed and all show the service as 
> disabled for those run levels. That's for both ip6tables and iptables.
> So why does ip6tables work differently from iptables? In my mind they should 
> configure and work the same way from the administrator's point of view.
> If it makes a difference, and I found with getting a pop-up dialog box 
> asking for root's password, it makes a difference if I'm at a directly 
> connected console or accessing the box using VNC, which is how I normally 
> work on them. With the last several releases of Fedora its gotten buggy in 
> this regard. I've have to resort to modifying the menu entries to open 
> various apps in a terminal window using (su -c "application-here) work 
> around to get a chance to switch to root privileges to do things. This is 
> really getting old. The prior releases seemed to work rather well with this 
> issue, not anymore. Don't other people running headless boxes using VNC 
> notice this?
I don't run Fedora as servers - perhaps someday I might but I tend to
use RHEL or CentOS for various reasons, and the only time I have run
Fedora 'headless' was part of K12LTSP but this comes to mind...

- FreeNX is much more effective for me than VNC server

- it's possible that you have something other than 'iptables service'
starting iptables rulesets at startup. Did you install firestarter or
some other iptables manager?

- I personally have NEVER seen a 'service' that is listed as off for all
run levels start the service after a reboot. Maybe it could happen but I
have never seen it and I've been doing RHL/RHEL/CentOS/Fedora a long
time on a lot of systems.

So I would start asking some questions...

- are you sure the system is actually rebooting?

- have you checked the syslogs (/var/log/messages)? for hints/clues
about service startups?

- have you checked the syslogs/audit logs for SELinux interference?


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