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Love Totem

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my delight when I found what the nifty "always on top" feature in Totem can do, confirming my already high opinions of the player.

I like to have some video playing in one of the corners of my screen while I work, and the "always on top" feature in Totem is ideal for that. I had so far noticed Totem would automatically move to the background whenever it was done playing some video with the "always on top" feature enabled. None of the other players I am familiar with does that. And I loved it for that! Especially considering some players like VLC even refuse to go fullscreen in a sane manner with not-so-popular window managers like WindowMaker when always on top is enabled.

Today I was pleasantly surprised when I found Totem didn't stay on top even if the feature is turned on when it is playing just audio! This is *beautiful* design. Also love the fact that it is so light weight and functional in almost all its design aspects. It is truly a simple "Movie Player". ;)

With totem and cli mplayer what else does anyone need? :)

PS: Sorry if people find this post OT.

Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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