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Re: Network problems on new FC4 box - please help.

On 02/27/2006 06:48 PM, William W. Austin wrote:

I had to replace a disk (the one with all of the home directories on it) on an FC3 box, and so I bought a new drive (particulars unimportant).

To make a long story short, I decided to put FC4 on this box, and so I installed the new drive and put the root filesystem on it. I still have the old FC3 root drive and can boot to either for comparison...

Under FC3, I have no network problems that I can detect; however, under FC4 there are two distinct (related? no idea) problems which have eluded me. I have tried looking up both of these in the archives, but have had no luck (some similar issues, but nothing exactly like either of these unless I missed them).

Problem 1: network card goes to sleep.

This machine has 2 network cards, both on-board. The 1GB card L(Intel 82540EM) goes to the smartswitch to tolk to the local network, and does not show any problems. The other card (nVidia nForce2) is a 100MB card and talks to the DSL modem. Periodically I cannot connect to the internet at all - or even ping the DSL modem. This happens irregularly but about 5-10 times/day. If I reboot back to FC3, the problem does not occur. Network configurations between the two (FC3/FC4) are as identical as I can make them. The first few times the problem occurs, sometimes retarting networking works, but eventually a full sys reboot is the only thing which works.

Problem 2: slow local network.

Under FC3 throughput on the LOCAL network (1GB lan) is very fast. Under FC4, the best I have seen is ONE transfer of about 1.2 MB/s - and throughput drops to as low as 50-75KB/s at times. Again, this does not occur under FC3 but does under FC4. Again the same setup as nearly as I can make it. No workaround found so far.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Question is asked in Feb 2006 ...!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Dear Mr. William

please check the date of you computer

  ^ ^  Jatin Khatri


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