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updating F12 broke KDE display

  I just loaded F12 onto my old IBM R51 laptop.
It went fine, everything but USB worked.

I created two users "guest" users Gnome, "mick" uses KDE.

I prefer KDE so logged onto that.
My wireless network connected just fine, the display was fine.
I did a "yum install yumex".
Followed by yumex.

After a big update the KDE screen is broken.
The taskbar is whited out with thin black horizontal lines.
Any program (dolphin) top line max/min/quit shows the same as the taskbar.
Quit does work.

I logged out and back in as "guest: under gnome.
The screen was fine, but no wireless network.

I did not test gnome wireless before the update.
I cannot test wireless in kde now as The menu's are unreadable.

I "userdel" mick and removed /home/mick, then "useradd" mick, same.

This laptop uses an intel centrino motherboard.

Mick M.

Standard guarantee applies - 30 feet or 30 seconds, whichever comes first.

#  find / -name "*your base*" -exec chown us:us {} \;


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