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Re: F10 rpm of grub2 completely broken

On Tuesday 15 December 2009, Michael Schwendt wrote:
>On Tue, 15 Dec 2009 09:24:53 -0500, Gene wrote:
>> I may not have had the syntax correct, but all I could get out of it was
>> an error 13, invalid file format.
>Which you only get if you try to let GRUB "mount" a filesystem found
>on a partition.
>> I have grub-0.97 (F10 32 bit) in the mbr of /dev/sda.
>> I have grub-1.97 (Mint 8 64 bit) in the mbr of /dev/sdb.
>> I have grub-0.97 (Mandriva 2009.1 64 bit) in the mbr of /dev/sdd.
>> What would be the exact stanza in the F10 grub.conf to switch directly to
>> the Mint 8 boot screen without involving the grub2 rpm or any of its
>> utilities at all?
>Assuming that at boot-time your F10 GRUB maps /dev/sdb to 'hd1':
>title Mint 8
>    rootnoverify (hd1)
>    chainloader +1
>[And if you ever feel like installing a dist's boot loader not into the
>MBR but into the boot sector of a partition, substitute the 'hd1'
And I believe I see my mistake, I was doing
rootnoverify (hd1,0), a subtle difference that screwed it royally when the 
boot loader was written to /dev/sdb.

This then should work, if it doesn't, I'll mutter in my morning coffee a lot 
& report back one way or the other.

Thanks Michael.

Cheers, Gene
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