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Re: pinfo grub issues? (was: Re: F10 rpm of grub2 completely broken)

On Tuesday 15 December 2009, Michael Schwendt wrote:
>On Tue, 15 Dec 2009 09:57:29 -0500, Gene wrote:
>> On Tuesday 15 December 2009, Michael Schwendt wrote:
>> >On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 17:21:31 -0500, Gene wrote:
>> >> >The "GRUB manual": info grub
>> >>
>> >> But a pinfo grub has a lot of blank entries.
>> I may have miss-typed, and meant a pinfo grub2 has lots of blank entries.
>F10's grub2 package does not include any "info" manual at all.
>Fedora's RPM package "grub2" does not contain any scriptlets that
>would mess with other info manuals.
>$ rpm -q grub2
>$ rpm -qld grub2|grep info
>$ rpm -q --scripts grub2|grep info
>Even on Fedora 12, "rpm -qld grub2|grep info" is empty. No info manual.
>> But
>> there is not an info file with the grub2 install.  Except there is, but
>> you get it with a pinfo grub after having installed grub2.
>?? That's not for GRUB2, however, but for legacy GRUB:
>$ rpm -qf /usr/share/info/grub.info.gz
>$ info -w grub
>>  The following entries
>> in that file (fedora F10 grub2 rpm installed) are link-less, empty:
>> * Configuration::               Writing your own configuration file
>> * Network::                     Downloading OS images from a network
>> * Preset Menu::                 Embedding a configuration file into GRUB
>> * Images::                      GRUB image files
>> * Troubleshooting::             Error messages produced by GRUB
>> * Invoking the grub shell::     How to use the grub shell
>> * Invoking grub-terminfo::      How to generate a terminfo command
>> * Internals::                   Hacking GRUB
>Cannot reproduce.
>$ rpm -q pinfo grub
>$ rpm -qld grub|grep /info
>$ rpm -V grub
>> attempting to read any of the above entries gets you a no such file or
>> directory advisory at the bottom of the window.  And I think you will
>> have to agree that is a lot of missing data.
>> Particularly when it doesn't Just Work.
>Look closer. ;) The packaging does not contain any obvious mistake.
>Have you messed up your infodir with manual installs?

Possibly.  But don't forget that I also built grub2 from the tarball and 
installed it, which may be where that info file came from.  It is not 
installed on the hard drives though.

>Apply some trouble-shooting skills. Don't jump to conclusions.

Thanks Micheal.

Cheers, Gene
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