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Re: Help: No internet connection

On 12/15/2009 04:43 PM, Mikkel wrote:
On 12/15/2009 09:23 AM, William Case wrote:
I have come to this thread late and only given it a cursory read.  My
knowledge of NetworkMangager is limited.  However, in a response to my
post "Re: Fedora 12 -- A great new version !", Dec 13, Linuxguy123 makes
the passing remark "I didn't have video or a network connection at first
boot.  Somehow DHCP was disabled for eth0.  I fixed that, ran yum update
and pretty much everything is golden."

He doesn't say much further about what he did exactly to fix it.  But
could your problem be the same as his "Somehow DHCP was disabled for

Of course, feel free to ignore. As I said -- late and little.

Well, one way would be to run System -->  Preferences -->  Network
Connections and edit the interface. There are drop-down menus under
both IPv4 and IPv6 to enable DHCP.
If you have the network applet, you can also right click on it, and
pick Edit Connections.


I've actually checked that. It's properly set and always was. The problem must be elsewhere. Astonishingly I have the same problem when I start from the live CD, and on the other hand I didn't have this problem when connecting to the wireless at my brothers, nor on Starbucks today. That's why my guess is that it must be somewhere between my computer and the wireless modem. I just didn't had time to play around with the modem configuration. That's the next step in my plan. I just need to get some sleep from time to time ;-)


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