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Re: Detecting how Apps are called.

Hi Jim,

I hope I do understand your question. The SD card usually loads
(mounts) in the "/media" folder. The actualy device file is in "/dev"

As for the execution of files. I'm not familiar with any switches to
show where it's running from. For the most part the file you're
looking for is in "/usr/bin", "/usr/sbin", typically any "bin"
directory. Not all packages are equal though. You might have some that
will run directly out of their directory (ex:

One way you can narrow it down is to run the "locate" command.

$ locate -i songbird

It will display all the possible instances of the word "songbird".

On 12/15/09, Jim <mickeyboa sbcglobal net> wrote:
> Is there a command you can run like tail -f or what ever, to see where a
> Application is called from.
> Running a application that  I can tell where it is  started or run from.
> Like when I plug in a SD card what and where is it started from.
> I know this Question sounds confusing , but I'm not really sure how to
> ask it.
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