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Re: RPM and DEB compatibility

Rallias UberNerd writes:

I recently took the time to make a really cool special self-made distro of
Linux. However, I want to be able to use both RPM servers and DEB servers
to update things with. I don't wish to use the one special piece of
software allready out their to turn RPM's into DEB's, because then I can
only use DEB servers to update easily, and I want both to have equal
precidence (the higher version wins out). Am I being impossible or is
their a way to do this?

Basically, I am wanting to have the shell determine the version of the
software installed and use the newer version, I suppose. I am currently
using BASH, but have SH, KSH, and CSH installed on my system.

RPMs and DEBs are fundamentally incompatible. There are various tools which convert an existing package from one format to another. However, even the best tools cannot do anything if a package has a dependency on some system library of a different version, and I know of no tool to directly install packages of either format, seemlessly, on the host server, and resolve dependencies from hybrid package sources.

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