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Re: Help: No internet connection

On 12/15/2009 03:32 PM, Simon Schneebeli wrote:
> I've actually checked that. It's properly set and always was. The
> problem must be elsewhere. Astonishingly I have the same problem when I
> start from the live CD, and on the other hand I didn't have this problem
> when connecting to the wireless at my brothers, nor on Starbucks today.
> That's why my guess is that it must be somewhere between my computer and
> the wireless modem. I just didn't had time to play around with the modem
> configuration. That's the next step in my plan. I just need to get some
> sleep from time to time ;-)
> Simon
This sounds more like a problem in your wireless settings. What type
of wireless security are you using on your wireless modem? It sounds
like your brother has an open system. Starbucks would also have an
open system. It may require something more after you can access the
Internet, but connecting to the wireless access point does not
require your system to have a wireless key before hand.

One other thing that can bite you when using WEP is if your system
will not give an IP address until you establish an encrypted
connection. I have not seen the option in Network Manager for the
iwconfig key restricted parameter. (Though you can add it.)


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