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Re: Help: No internet connection

2009/12/16 Simon Schneebeli <simon schneebeli okko org>
No difference with or without firewall. But I discovered something else:

Here's what happens:
- I start my computer and connect to the wireless: Firefox and Thunderbird can not connect to the wireless but Opera can.
- I plug in the Ethernet cable. Now all connections work, with or without firewall.
- I deconnect the cable and connect again through the wireless. Now both programs do connect properly.


Sounds like a DNS problem again.


On 12/16/2009 01:39 PM, Ishmael Chibvuri wrote:

Yes! Your firewall could be , the issue here..


The only thing I can think of suggesting is, have you looked at your firewall configuration ?


2009/12/16 Simon Schneebeli <simon schneebeli okko org <mailto:simon schneebeli okko org>>

Well, since I can surf the web with Opera and use Skype but not Firefox, Evolution and Thuderbird, the connection between the computer and my wireless ADSL modem as well as between the modem and the web work. I just don't understand why some applications can't connect. But I agree that it probably is linked to the configuration of the modem. I hope that I'll find time this evening to work more on it.

Also to mention: Connection through cable works perfect. It's just the wireless that blocs some connections.


On 12/16/2009 02:59 AM, Jim wrote:

On 12/15/2009 08:36 PM, Robert Collard wrote:

May sound silly, but  have you turned off your home modem or reset it
lately?  Sometimes that is all it takes.

To add to that, if you add a router, a computer and the Mac# changes some of these Internet Modems have to be reset to reconize the new Mac# from a added
router, computer

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