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Re: Fedora mailing list migration

Jon Stanley wrote:
> all Fedora related mailing lists that are currently hosted at
> redhat.com will be migrated to lists.fedoraproject.org.
> All of your mail filters
> that rely on the List-ID header will break on these days, and
> adjustments on your part will be required.  We apologize for the
> inconvenience.  For your convenience, I've posted a mapping of old
> list names to new list names [2] as well as a PDF version[3]
> [2] http://jstanley.fedorapeople.org/mlmigration.ods
> [3] http://jstanley.fedorapeople.org/mlmigration.pdf

To prepare for the change I need to know the complete list-IDs of the new 
lists. So, piecing this together, when the mapping maps "fedora-announce-list" 
to "announce", this means that the list-ID "fedora-announce-list.redhat.com" 
becomes "announce.lists.fedoraproject.org", correct?

Björn Persson

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