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Re: Fedora mailing list migration

Frode Petersen wrote:
> A minor confusion here...
> I noted that the new ID's do not include any information on the
> source of the lists. I.e. 'Fedora-music-list' becomes just 'music'.
> Isn't this a bit too generic and a source for conflicts with lists
> from other sources?

Well, the list-id is made up of the list name and the list domain, so
the new list-id for the music list will be


So it won't conflict with lists from other sources.  Of course, if you
use the list-id header and filter mail into folders using only the
list name, then this will be more generic. :/

> As an alternative, will the sender header format be
> [new-maillist-name-according-to-mapping] fedoraproject org
> ?

I believe the domain will be lists.fedoraproject.org, but otherwise,

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