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Re: Do you know about Omega?

On 12/17/2009 11:56 AM, Marcel Rieux wrote:

> sha256sum -c *-CHECKSUM
> sha256sum: Omega-12-i686-Live-CHECKSUM: no properly formatted SHA256
> checksum lines found
> There still is a problem.

Yeah. I have fixed the instructions and the file.  Your checksum does
match btw.

> Beside, since both the file and the sha256sum are on the same site,
> and the transaction is not secure, and the sha256sum being available
> on no other site -- except now, on this forum -- the sum could match
> the file and you could still be victim of an hoax.
> Chances are small, you'll rightly say, but if Red Hat believes that
> it's a good thing to have a secure connection for this forum, maybe it
> would be a good idea to have one for Omega's site.

Omega's site is just a personal site and not affiliated with Red Hat or
Fedora project. It is just something I do on my own. In the past, others
volunteered mirrors but I could hold up to the traffic anyway.  Since I
hosted this image in only one place, I didn't consider the tampering to
be a serious possibility but I guess I could gpg sign the checksum file
to avoid the problem.


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