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Re: Omega (Boxer) Fedora Remix

On 17/12/09 01:14, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
On 12/17/2009 12:44 AM, Bob Goodwin wrote:

    Are there any differences between this and
    Omega012-i686-Live-RC1.iso that I just installed. I had some trouble
    making it work as an NFS clent ... Other than that it looks good.,,
Yeah. RC1 had a important kernel issue (wrong arch) that has been fixed
in thsi image.


   And of course I installed it only a day before the final release
   came out! Is it something I can repair or do I need to start over.
   My b.w. usage is limited and I watch it carefully, another gigabyte
   download is significant although do-able if necessary.

   What I have seems to be working, after some protesting about a
   missing nfs app. I would be tempted to leave it alone if the kernel
   will be replaced via the update process if that's all it needs? I am
   ready to upgrade this F-11 computer next ...



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