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Re: fc12 and grubconf

On Thu, 2009-12-17 at 11:15 +0000, Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> On Thursday 17 December 2009 05:27:32 Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Wednesday 16 December 2009, david walcroft wrote:
> > >I tried to edit grubconf. with vim but when I tried to change 'rhgb' and
> > >'quiet' the cursor would not edit the line as the cursor would not stop
> > >at the line,it went either above or below the line.
> > >Is this new behavior in fc12
> > >
> > >david
> > 
> > No David.  That is a long line and you need to start on what you call the
> > line about it, and then right arrow till you get there.
> So vim does this as well? Such behavior is the only thing I absolutely *hate* 
> in emacs. It is completely nonintuitive to word-wrap the text but not cursor 
> movement. When one presses the down arrow, one naturally expects the cursor to 
> go down to the next line of what is visibly presented on the screen (be it the 
> same actual line or the next one), not down to the next line of a file whose 
> structure which is not directly visible.
such is the behavior of 'line editors' - always been that way.

people who write code sort of appreciate the line editor logic and
people who are primarily used to word processing in a GUI environment
often don't get it.


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