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Re: VCD in an iso

On 12/17/2009 01:54 AM, Marko Vojinovic wrote:
Ok, so I have an iso image of a VCD. Is there any way to access the data
inside without actually burning it to a CD and plugging it into the drive?

I tried to loop mount the iso, but AFAIK a VCD doesn't have a filesystem on it,
so it refuses to mount, like an audio CD. I also tried to play it in mplayer
and use the -cdrom-device option to point it to the iso, but mplayer expects a
block device like /dev/cdrom there, not a file. Is there any way I can simulate
that the .iso is physically inserted into /dev/cdrom or something?

Or do I just burn the thing on a CD and rip it the old-fashioned way?

I mean, burning some data off a hard disk onto a CD just so that I could plug
it in and copy the data back on the hard disk seems... well... clumsy?

If there is a way to mount the damn thing somehow, I'm listening.

Thanks, :-)


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