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OOo Writer for Flyers!?

Hey Folks,

I did some work for a client last night. It was something I could have shot out, in Microsoft Word, within a matter of minutes. I opened OOo Writer and it took me a couple hours to come up with a mediocre product. I was a little embarrased by it. What I tried to do was create a flyer. I wish I had the PDF I created, I'll have to send it when I get home.

Now that I've fluffed the email a bit. My question is, am I using the wrong application?

In OOo Writer, I didn't have any templates at my disposal so all the elements I take for granted, I had to insert myself. It was a bit pain staking. I seriously felt as if I was using Office 95 or something like that.  Thanks for your input.

Marc Ferguson


"When life gives me lemons... I make Linuxaide, hmm good stuff!"

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