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Re: Saving Tbird e-mail files? -

On 12/17/2009 04:33 PM, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>    There must be a way to save/export/import Thunderbirds email files
>    when going from F-11 to F-12! I have never been able to do this
>    despite suggestions to simply move the Thunderbirds "Mail" files.
>    Every six months or so I lose all the mail when I upgrade Fedora and
>    reinstall Thunderbirds,

   WHile you can usually re-use your .thunderbird directory, one should
never save any email in thunderbird local format in my view. I use TB
coz I still thinks its the best of a bunch.

   A far, far better way than using local TB storage, is to simply run a
local imap server (dovecot works really well) and use that. The major
advantages are

    (i) You are now essentially indifferent to what mail client you use
- and its simple quick to change between different mail clients.

    (ii) TB local storage (mbox format) was designed in the 70's ... and
it has long since been replaced by far far safer, faster and superior

     mbox format is a single large file - so if you delete a message in
the middle, it doesn't actually delete it (too slow) until you
"compress" it. Using a modern format (like maildir++) never needs
compression and the risk of corruption is gone.

   [MS outmook uses a similar approach - and they have similar problems
- corrupted mail files. There is a small cottage industry of repair
programs which attempt to recover mails from a corrpted outlook.pst file! ]

  And remember to turn off GLODA too in tb 3 or you're in for all kinds
of gigabyte files and slow to start and run tb.

 good luck!

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