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Re: disabling automount in Fedora 12

Eric wrote:

> Thanks Tom!  That at least gave me a hint as to where this is happening.
> I used the sledgehammer approach of removing the DeviceKit-disks package
> entirely.  That works, but a very cryptic error window does pop up every
> time I plug in a disk, and I don't get optical media automounted either.
> There ought to be a better solution, but this at least solves my immediate
> problem.

a lighter hammer :

mv /usr/libexec/devkit-disks-daemon /usr/libexec/devkit-disks-daemon.hide

and also kill the running deamons if you want it to work before next boot:
COLUMNS=720 ps -eo pid,ppid,uname,tty,stat,etime,time,pcpu,args | egrep -ie 'dev.*kit' | fgrep -v grep
 1623     1 root     ?        S       21:00:54 00:00:22  0.0 /usr/libexec/devkit-power-daemon
 1987     1 root     ?        S       21:00:36 00:00:00  0.0 /usr/libexec/devkit-disks-daemon
 1996  1987 root     ?        S       21:00:34 00:00:00  0.0 devkit-disks-daemon: not polling any devices

kill 1996 1987

works without any annoying error pop-ups.


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