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Re: Some Thunderbird attachments don't start application

On 12/18/2009 08:07 AM, Antonio M wrote:
2009/12/18 Tim<ignored_mailbox yahoo com au>:
On Fri, 2009-12-18 at 11:50 +0100, Antonio M wrote:
I got an attachment (Microsoft Office doc) but I didn't get the option
of F11 to open it with Openoffice or any other application, there is
no open with option, same attachment open  fine in F12, starting
Openoffice writer!!!
Chances are that whoever sent you that file sent it with the wrong MIME
type descriptor.  The sending client describes the type of file, and the
receiving client passes that file off to the default application for
that type of file.  If the *type* is not correctly outlined, then the
whole system fails to work.

Most likely, it was described as application/octet-stream which means
"this is some unknown kind of binary file, figure out how to handle this
by yourself."  If you try to set up your system to believe that all such
unidentified files are word documents, by default, then you're setting
yourself up for failure with the next NON word document that's sent with
the *unknown* *binary* file type description.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

tnx for the great explanation, Tim.....I don't understand why same
attachment starts openoffice in F12 (two boxes) , that are both
standard installation.
What is different???

I have the same problem with playing .wmv files in Thunderbird . the /edit/pref./attachments has VLC set to play .wmv files, but some .wmv files won't play, it wants me to "Save" them.

I think it has to do with Mime Types.
I get this one person that has a XP computer sends me .jpg pictures and I can never see them, unless I save them. The Content Type is set to something different than a .jpg content and Thunderbird doesn't understand that Content Type.

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