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Re: SB driver in F12 ?

Stewart Williams wrote:
Frode Petersen wrote:
According to the ALSA soundcard matrix [1] they support PCI versions
(not PC-cards?) from ALSA v.1.0.21 onwards. Does this match your setup?

I recently read somwhere (can't recall where) that the drivers were not
very good at the time when Creative open sourced their own (a month or
two ago maybe? I'm not sure.) If true, how much could they improve in
that time? I know this sounds a bit woolly...

[1] http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Vendor-Creative_Labs

Frode Petersen

Hi Frode,

It's a PCI-e (PCI Express) card, and it's not listed on that web page.

I don't have that card myself, but I found this thread in the ALSA maillist archives, maybe reading through it gets you furter:



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