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another thunderbird bug

When I click on "View settings for this account" link on the thunderbird main page it brings up the "account settings" dialog box.  If I click on "servr settings", "junk settings", or any other option except "Copies and Folders" I get the appropriate dialog.  Once I click on "Copies and Folders" I remain stuck on that dialog no matter what other dialog I click on.  I have to cancel and select the account settings link again if I want to change other settings.

Also in the frame on the left side where it shows my email accounts and local folders if I click on any of them I get the following error

Error: uncaught exception: unable to find folder to select!

The problem is the email account that is shown is, e.g.

pgaltieri gmail com

The account folder name is actually


This is all worked just fine with the previous version of thunderbird.

Even when I click on Local Folders it doesn't show my local folders.

Is there anyway to download the previous version of thunderbird?


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