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Re: Saving Tbird e-mail files? -

On 12/18/2009 06:27 PM, Bob Goodwin wrote:
> On 17/12/09 20:29, Mail Lists wrote:

>>     Ok, I give up! Where can I find instructions, hopefully step by
>>     step, to install IMAP with a local server? That sounds like the
>>     solution to this problem and a few others.
>>     Bob

  I dont have a walk-through howto so I will wing it .. I will assume
for now that you will not be using or running your own hosted
sendmail/postfix server (that is a little more involved) and all you
want is an imap server to store local mail.

  1) As root edit  /etc/dovecot.conf and make sure you have a directive
to use maildir and store it in your home directory under Maildir (or
whatever you want to use)

 e.g a line such as:

      mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir

  2) service dovecot start

  3) chkconfig dovecot on

 Then in your thunderbird just create a new account -
   server will be
       (or whatever the IP or hostname on your local network the server
is running on)

    user name (your login on the computer)

    connection security - STARTTLS

  Thats it. Create whatever folders you need and then use them.

  *** Minor Subtlety:

  You may find (likely will) that thunderbird will complain about the
ssl certificate being self signed by an unknown authority - for now just
tell it its ok - to remove this you'll need to create a better cert -
which is signed by a known certificate authority.

  I suggest a free server certificate from startcom - which is probably
your best bet. They are quick and easy and thunderbird and firefox have
them listed already as an acceptable CA (certficate authority). There
are others but most cost money - avoid things like cacert.org as they
are not known by any browser.

   Go here:


  Once you get the server certificate from them - you'll have 2 files -
a key file (ssl.key) and a xxx.crt file.

   You'll ;likely need to convert them to pem format using something like

  openssl x509 -inform der -in xxx.crt -out xxx.pem

   The edit the dovecot.conf file again and look for the lines

  ssl_key_file ...

  Change the to point to your lovely new certificate and restart dovecot
(service dovecot restart).

  Best of luck.  Look in /var/log/maillog for hints of any problems ...


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