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Re: F12 Live CHECKSUM failing

On Friday 18 December 2009, Tim wrote:
>>> One of their prior posts said they got it using a torrent.
>Gene Heskett:
>> In which case they should restart the torrent.  Most clients do a full
>> check and will re-pull anything that doesn't pass that 64kb blocks
>> crc.
>One thing that sprang to my mind, would be whether the torrent hadn't
>finished downloading, and had simply stopped because there wasn't any
>more seeds, at the time.

Ktorrent hangs in there till somebody starts seeding what it needs, but I 
have very very little experience with the others so can't say what they do.

I have seen the seed count goto zero a couple of times, but when I got up the 
next morning, it had the file and was seeding it.

Cheers, Gene
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