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Re: Upgrading with preupgrade: flawless!

Marcel Rieux wrote:
Some people here said that, despite Fedora suggesting not to upgrade
with yum, they did so and had good results. If this is the way to
upgrade with yum:


I can tell you that upgrading with preupgrade from Fedora 11 to 12 is
much simpler. Here's what I did, following the instructions:

1) Do a back-up, just in case.

2) In gnome-terminal:

yum update

One, two, ? clicks

3) Go for a long bath.

4) Reboot the computer. The downloaded packages will install. So...

5) Eat supper

6) The computer will reboot automatically at the end and voilĂ !

Everything works.


I'm still in the middle up running preupgrade. But it was griping about not enough space in the /boot partition. I tried ripping out old kernels, etc. Still not enough space.

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