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Can't run Firefox after installing fedora 12

I get an error dialog:

SQLite Version Error

The application has been updated, but your version of SQLite is too
old and the application cannot run.

this happened immediately after installing F12 from the x86_64 DVD.
that was with sqlite version 3.6.17 and firefox 3.4.???

After doing a yum update I now have:


the problem persists.

I see from bugzilla that this reared it's head during rawhide, but the
bug has been closed (worksforme).
Are other people getting this?
I also have a 32-bit F12 on another machine, and a 64-bit F12 on a
Macbook Air. neither of these machines has the problem (but i've
avoided doing any yum updates today just in case).

I've had to install the Google-chrome beta as a result.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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