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Re: Saving Tbird e-mail files? -

On 19/12/09 05:11, Bob Goodwin wrote:
On 18/12/09 20:23, Mail Lists wrote:
On 12/18/2009 06:27 PM, Bob Goodwin wrote:
On 17/12/09 20:29, Mail Lists wrote:
     Ok, I give up! Where can I find instructions, hopefully step by
     step, to install IMAP with a local server? That sounds like the
     solution to this problem and a few others.


   I dont have a walk-through howto so I will wing it .. I will assume
for now that you will not be using or running your own hosted
sendmail/postfix server (that is a little more involved) and all you
want is an imap server to store local mail.

   1) As root edit  /etc/dovecot.conf and make sure you have a directive
to use maildir and store it in your home directory under Maildir (or
whatever you want to use)

.............  snip  .................

   Best of luck.  Look in /var/log/maillog for hints of any problems ...


    Thanks for your suggestions. I intend to try as you have outlined
    later this morning.

    Much appreciated.


   Ok, I've installed Dovecot, made some changes to the config. file
   and started it. Then told gmail I wanted to "enable" IMAP. Although
   I have a "wildblue" address they gave up their mail servers and
   shunted everyone over to google! Not the best deal for users perhaps
   but I had no choice. Rural users are stuck without CATV or Telco DSL
   internet service so the satellite providers have no competition.

   Anyway now that I've done this the system is dumping everything it
   has on me, presently 4091 trash files! Hopefully that is all,
   probably ~7k messages in total.

   I still don't understand how this works but I will in pretty short
   order I guess? Where are these messages being saved? On my F-12
   computer somewhere in Dovecot I hope.

   What do I have to configure in another computer to access the IMAP
   messages? Do I simply add an IMAP user to Thunderbird, the email
   program I have been using for some time. If the messages are stored
   in my computer, other computers need to look there and connect via
   my LAN [wired and wireless]. I'm already in over my head despite
   reading a lot of instructions on how to set this up!.

   Any help is appreciated.



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