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Re: Saving Tbird e-mail files? -

On 19/12/09 17:08, Mike Cloaked wrote:

Mike Cloaked wrote:

This is not directly related to the dovecot imap server that you will have
set up on your own machine. You can get Thunderbird to (separately)
connect to you own imap server if you set up a "local" imap account
pointing to and have the dovecot service running locally (i.e.
make sure that as root "dovecot service start", and "chkconfig dovecot on"
to start it at boot - and check that the service is running by "service
dovecot status")

Sorry there was a typo  in the above should have been "service dovecot
start" and not "dovecot service start" !!

The typo is no problem, I've already found service dovecto status/start/stop/.

This is not clear to me yet, do I need dovecot on a second computer to set up a "local account?" Do I need a t'bird IMAP account on each computer? Confusion reigns at this point but fear not I will get it eventually.

I am sending this from the F12 [dovecot]. Now to see if it will send. I collected your message so that much is working. We are having rain and snow in Virginia and my tiny ku band transmitter has trouble reaching the satellite. I'll try to send again later .



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