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Where is WM Player Plug-in (Omega has it)

As usual playing video at the CBC/Radio-Canada is a pain. They even
succeeded at scrapping Flash video for Linux. See:

I wrote to the  of the CBC CEO to complain and he answered they lacked
budget to do things right. When I noted that The Passionate Eye
program offered some videos on its site that were available for Linux,
the said videos disappeared.

Draw your conclusions. Even MSNBC's... flash! is available for Linux!
The problem in Canda is our politicians are wimps. Most probably
Steven Harper is subsidized by Microsoft.

OTOH, Omega, when Flash-Player is installed, does a nice job of
playing Radio-Canada's videos. I can play them too, but they take a
very long time before they appear with MozPlugger. Omega uses Windows
Media Player Plug-in (in Firefox).

Will this plug-in eventually be available from Firefox or rpmfusion.
All the source I could see were rather unofficial.

You may test at:


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