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Re: Saving Tbird e-mail files? -

On 20/12/09 00:11, Mail Lists wrote:
   Slow it down a moment - lets get some concepts clear.

    gmail does 3 things for you ..

        1) it receives your mail

        2) it send mail on your behalf

        3) it lets you store the mail it has received and read the mail
that it has received for you.

  (1)&  (2) are mail server functions.

  (3) is an imap server function.

  So when you set up an local imap server - you are setting up a server
that allows you to store and read emails. This is (3).

   In thunderbird you 'add an account' and as I described in first email
- set it up for your imap server.

   Once that is done you should have 2 accounts in thunderbird - gmail
and the second one you created.

   In thunderbird you can drag or copy emails from gmail to your second

    Thats it.
    I am good through steps one, two, and three then on the F-12
    server but the second part of my experimental effort is to move a
    message from the server to this compuster box 9 [] on
    the wired LAN, connected through an Ethernet bridge, a part of a
    Buffalo wireless device that also ties these cvomputers to the
    router downstairs in the den. The LAN works well, no problems with it.

    Where I am having trouble is understanding how to set up
    Thunderbird accounts on this second [client [box9]] computer. I
    found an entry in the account setup GUI called "movemail" which
    sounds like the right place to enter the account info. I made an
    account there forthe server [F-12 box6] but have not been able to
    extract files from the server to the client. I suspect there may
    be something left undone in dovecot.conf, all I did there was
    un-comment a few items that obviously [to me] needed to be ...

    Part of my problem is that I have been trying to do a number of
    things at once, but have tried to block my thinking from the other
    stuff and concentrate on this. Other stuff; converting this box to
    F-12, and a new Laser printer that seems only to like Windows XP.
    I had Windows lurking on this computer but had never booted it or
    set it up for internet/LAN operation, Windows stuff is mostly
    beyond my comprehension and I had to figure how to set that up.
    Windows is not Linux, there's no help with it, not for me anyway!
    To add to the confusion it seems Windows had some effect on the
    router that disrupted LAN operation, a panic ensued since other
    family members notice disruption of their Mac boxes! Things are
    calm there now, the LAN is restored to normal. I offer that just
    as background information.

    My question is why can't I collect messages from the server on the
    client. I can "drag" items around on both computers but the client
    sees only what arrives via the gmail POP server. It has an imap
    account set up to point to the server [ [box6]] in
    additon to it's original pop.gmail.com.


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