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Re: Routing with 2 ISP

David Hláčik wrote:

> And the finally my questions are :
> 1) Is there a good tutorial / howto for using iproute on the internet,
> except of the LARTC.org
> 2) Can i utilize by tools of Fedora, to have my configuration (with
> second routing table, using ip ) somehow stored - to be permanent when
> I will do machine restart? I mean there are networking-scripts
> /etc/sysconfing/network-scripts which can handle, IP assigment,
> virtual LANS, aliases even static routes. Can they handle advanced
> routing as well?
> Thank you milion times.

I have a setup similar to yours. In my case I also have a script
checking the two providers and switching the connections on the other
one when one is not working.

You can find documentation around on iproute, I think it was
the lartc.org site I used for reference. As the integration with
Fedora network scripts I think there is no way to have such a
complex configuration in a "clean" system. This is on Fedora 9,
but I doubt things are improved in this field in newer
version, considering the rampant "NetworkManager-style" approach to

In my case I have the ifcfg scripts doing some basic configuration
which will not enable significant traffic (for example forwarding=0,
no routing, no default gw). Then I have a custom script called
by rc.local which does everything: iptables firewalling, iptables
MARKing based on --match conntrack, ip route routing based on fwmark.

I tried to achieve external visibility on both my public IP addresses
for incoming connections, but something is still not working;
it looks like there is a problem with the tracking of the incoming
connection because it is not established yet.
I stopped spending time in fixing this, as my target was to have
the fail-over part working. My config is actually more complex
than what I've described (vmnet networks, port redirections,
traffic shaping, traffic stats,...).

If we are lucky, someone really expert on this will reply
in this thread.

Best regards.

   Roberto Ragusa    mail at robertoragusa.it

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