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Re: Saving Tbird e-mail files? -

On 20/12/09 12:55, Mail Lists wrote:

  o Using gmail - with imap - leaves the mail on gmail server.
          gmail with pop - removes the mail from gmail and stores
wherever you told your mail client to store it - once you've done this -
unless you store it on your own imap server then no other client will be
able to see that pop mail.

  o so you should leave gmail accounts all set to imap - unless you want
to pull the mail off gmail and store it.

  o your dovecot server is just like any other mail server - just set up
a new IMAP account - use IP or (or hostname if your computers can see
the host name).

 o each mail client you set up should have

     gmail imap
     your own imap

as accounts.

Then to move or copy mail just use mouse to drag or copy message(s) from
gmail to your own imap account.


Ok, I'm still digesting all of this and imap is becoming useable on this F-12 computer. I think I will switch the other one over too and see if I can get along with imap for a while. Don't know what Thunderbird is doing but sometimes it takes a long time to display a message and that can be maddening? Something to do with imap.

And each time I select a directory the cursor runs that blue swirl for at least ten seconds, don't know what that means?

Also I am trying to delete some of the many directories that were created initially, some like "spam" can't be deleted though. I have the mail filters putting stuff where I want it now.

I usually keep all my mail sorted into directories and threaded and I'm finally getting that under control. The system is usable as it is, I don't know about some of the delays I'm seeing ... Anyway I've come this far and intend to give it a try. Making the dovecot server work will have to wait but I will get that under control also in time.

Thanks for your patience and help.


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