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Re: [Fwd: Gnome menus missing in Fedora 12]

Thanks Walter!!! I've had this problem with my Fedora 11 workstation for the past month.  I think it was pidgin that I first noticed the problem with.  Oddly, it never seemed to affect Firefox.  I didn't even realize that the menus were missing from gnome-terminal (I always use Crtl-T to create new tabs) but I looked after I read this post and sure enough they were missing and your gconf-editor suggestion fixed the problem for all the programs that were missing menus.

I had done google searches several times for "missing file menus" and "pidgin file menu" and the like trying to find others who had this problem and had found the solution but to no avail.  Now that I've added those phrases and keywords to this thread, maybe it will help others find this solution.

Thanks again Walter.


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