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Re: [OT] LCD Display and earthquakes .....

On Sun, 2009-12-20 at 00:15 -0600, Robert G. (Doc) Savage wrote:
> About your monitor, I suspect what the earthquake might have done is
> flex some bit of hardware just right and cause it to rub through some
> micro-corrosion on an internal signal lead. You know, the same
> mechanism attributed to those "reseated connector" miracle repairs?
> I've seen some odd hardware behavior changes when a system is taken
> apart, moved, and reassembled. You wouldn't expect it to happen, but
> every once in a while it definitely DOES happen.

I've seen plenty of them.  Plug and socket connections have been the
bane of servicemen since the invention of electronics.  Printed circuit
boards with an edge connector plugged into a socket seem to be the

Desktop computers marry the edge connection problem with PCI cards that
are attached at one end to a different part of the chassis that might
pull the card out of the socket.  Very few have any sort of clamp to
hold the cards into place from a position that does the job properly
(e.g. top and centre, directly on the opposite side of the PCI slot),
and the case is quite often flexible.  Just picking them up and moving
them around is enough to turn some computers into crash boxes.

And the old Apple ][s were infamous for needing the ICs pushed back into
their sockets periodically.

/me pictures the original poster picking their screen up and shaking it
around to refresh the display, like how you cleared the screen on the
1970s etch-a-sketch toys.

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