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WTF is wrong with thunderbird????

OK, so I'm an email hog.  I don't like to use the delete key.  Here's my

My email server is F10.i386  (yeah, yeah, I know its EOLed)
Its up-to-date, running dovecot as my IMAP server.

My laptop is F11.x86_64.  I'm running the new thunderbird 3.0 which was
just released.

My Inbox was getting very large.  > 70,000 messages in it.  While things
were starting to take a long time to do, yesterday I finally decided to
do something about it.  I created some 25 (or so) sub-folders in my
primary email account and set about transferring various emails from my
Inbox to the sub-folders.  For the most part, I created an email filter
for every email list I am a member of to automatically move emails from
each list to its own sub-folder.  It took me a while ( > 4 hours).  When
I was done it was working.  Kinda.  I noticed that I had started seeing
some really strange problems.

While reading my incoming fedora-list emails (for example), thunderbird
marked the email I was currently reading as un-read, right before my
eyes!  It also marked the 3 emails I had *just* read as unread.  While
going though that mailbox (using the Next button to read the next unread
email), I read some messages 3-4 times before it finally told me I had
read everything!

That's when I started to notice that all of a sudden I had 38 unread
emails in the mailbox I had read previous to the one I was in now.
When I went back to read them, most of them were familiar!  I had just
read them.  I wss going nuts.  What's happening?

This morning I st down to read my emails that occurred overnight.

Thunderbird tells me I have 38 unread emails in my Admin box.  When I go
there to read them, it tells me there are only 24 unread emails!  The
first one is dated 9/26/2009!  OK, so I read it.  I'm pretty sure I've
read it before....  I continue to read the other 23 emails.  Then I hit
the Next button again, and here I am back at this email from 9/26 again!

While I'm writing this email, thunderbird now tells me I have 4 unread
emails in my Admin mailbox.

One of them is new.  The rest are dated:  5/4/2009, 9/26/2009 (yeup,
them same one I've read twice already today!), and 10/11/2009, and
10/11/2009.  That's right, while I was reading them, it decided to mark
another already read email as unread!

Am I going nuts????   Oh, wait!  I have 4 unread email in Admin:
5/4/2009, 9/26/2009, and those 2 from 10/11/2009 again!

Now its happened again!  Please, someone tell me how to get thunderbird
to stop this madness!

Kevin J. Cummings
kjchome rcn com
cummings kjchome homeip net
cummings kjc386 framingham ma us
Registered Linux User #1232 (http://counter.li.org)

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