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kmod-nvidia some actions X 100% CPU

Need to fix kmod-nvidia or uninstall it.

This weekend installed fedora 12 on laptop replacing
fedora 9.
Laptop has a GeForce 9600M GT nvidia card.
With fedora 9, used kmod with no problems.
After initial install, using the default nouveau
Following: http://www.mjmwired.net/resources/mjm-fedora-nvidia.html
installed kmod-nvidia.
edited grub.conf adding "rdblacklist=nouveau" to end of
kernel line.
edited /etc/sysconfig/livna-config-display - it already had
active = True.

Running Kde many things work with kmod-nvidia but
now when the "kickoff application launcher" is clicked,
the CPU goes to 100% all in the the X process. After about
15 second, the launcher menu is displayed and can be used.
So, I'd like to know either how to fix this or how I can
uninstall kmod-nvidia and go back to the nouveau driver.



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