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Re: Annoyance Re: Gnotes ?!? -- [Solved]

Hi Aaron;

Thanks for the reply.  My Fedora users maillist is running about a day
late again so I haven't received your response yet, but read it by going
directly to the archives.

On Sun, 2009-12-20 at 09:40 -0500, William Case wrote:
> Hi;
> I have replaced TomBoy (which I used throughout the day) with Gnote.
> I want to set Gnote in my startup file so that it starts with the icon
> in the notification bar but the search window NOT open.
> I can get what I want when I start gnote from Panel Menu => Applications
> => Accessories but not from "Startup Applications".  gnote --help nor
> the Configuration Editor give me any options for starting without the
> search window automatically opening at startup.  I also end up with two
> instances of gnote running. Locate doesn't seem to show me a *rc file or
> a configuration file in /home or /etc.
> Any suggestions ?

Here is the series of events that caused the loss of the gnote applet.
I am responding so that if this happens to others, they have something
to try.  The short answer was, I found the applet by re-booting.

     1. I used Tomboy in F11.
     2. I upgraded from F11 => F12.
     3. Tomboy, of course, was not upgraded automatically.
     4. Gnote was not included to replace it as default because F12 was
        not a new install.
     5. I yum removed Tomboy and yum installed Gnote.
     6. The Gnote icon showed up in Panel Menu under Accessories, but
        did not show under the applets drop down menu for "Add to
     7. I screwed around trying to get the Gnote launcher onto my panel.
     8. I then wrote the above quoted post.
     9. Between then and reading Aaron's reply I re-booted for entirely
        unrelated reasons.
    10. After Aaron's suggestion, I looked again at "Add to Panel" and
        there the icon was.
    11. I added it to my panel and everything is working fine.

I hope this saves someone a bit of grief.

Regards Bill
Fedora 12, Gnome 2.28
Evo.2.28, Emacs 23.1.1

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