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RFE? Or am I wasting my time?

Ok, I proceed fully knowing that, from here on, I will carry a
reputation as a senseless pedant. But this kind of stuff drives me

In the transition from F11 to F12, the context menu in Nautilus lost
"Create Archive" and gained "Compress" in its place. I want the old
menu item back, which is not only clearer of meaning (in my opinion),
but objectively more correct and accurate. The term Compress suggests
that some change is being made to the file, like foo.txt being
replaced by foo.txt.gz. In fact, what I'm doing is creating an
archive, that may or may not be compressed, and leaving the original
file alone. I know what it's going to do, but the terminology feels
clumsy nonetheless, and reminds me of the Microsoft-style rush to dumb
down language throughout the system that seems to pervade Linux
distros nowadays.

So I thought to file a RFE about it except:

What component would it be against? Its location in the menu suggests
that it's some sort of Nautilus extension, but I can't figure what
package its in.

How does one make a bugzilla an RFE? Do I just prefix "RFE" to the summary?

Am I the only person in the world that cares? I mean, would it just be
a waste of time for my to file a RFE that's inevitably going to be
ignored or closed NOTABUG?


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