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Re: Booting Fedora-12 from hard disk, again, again

 Timothy Murphy wrote:

> I'm taking the liberty of re-posting this query, as there seemed some
> problems with the previous posting, hopefully now resolved:
> Has anyone actually succeeded in booting Fedora-12 from the DVD ISO file
> on the hard disk, by adding a stanza to grub.conf ?
> I carried out the following commands: -----------------------------
> [tim alfred ~]$ sudo mkdir /mnt/Fedora [tim alfred ~]$ sudo mount -o
> loop Fedora-12-i386-DVD.iso /mnt/Fedora/ [tim alfred ~]$ ls
> /mnt/Fedora/isolinux/ boot.cat  boot.msg  grub.conf  initrd.img
> isolinux.bin isolinux.cfg  splash.jpg  TRANS.TBL  vesamenu.c32  vmlinuz
> [tim alfred ~]$ ls /mnt/Fedora/images/ efiboot.img  efidisk.img
> install.img  pxeboot  README  TRANS.TBL [tim alfred ~]$ mkdir images
> [tim alfred ~]$ cp -a /mnt/Fedora/images/install.img images/ [tim alfred
> ~]$ sudo mkdir /boot/Fedora-12 [tim alfred ~]$ sudo cp -a
> /mnt/Fedora/isolinux/* /boot/Fedora-12/ -----------------------------
> This is the entry I have added to /etc/grub.conf :
> -----------------------------
> title Upgrade to Fedora-12
>         root (hd0,1)
>         kernel /Fedora-12/vmlinuz ro
>         initrd /Fedora-12/initrd.img
> -----------------------------
> Now when I boot into this, all goes well until I try to install from
> Fedora-12*.iso when I the error "Device /dev/sda6 does not appear to
> contain an installation image".
> Am I doing something wrong?

You don't give enough detail.
What you have shown I think looks ok
(would have to check old notes to be sure)
The missing information is just what exactly did you enter into
the anaconda gui.

I have no f12 experience, but
in my successful f11 hard disk install
I did this two ways
1) using repo= option in kernel line:

#title Install Fedora 11   repo=hd:/dev/sdb1:/root/diso   reordr
#        root ...
#        kernel /boot/f11/vmlinuz noselinux  repo=hd:/dev/sdb1:/root/diso
#        initrd /boot/f11/initrd.img

2)not using the repo= option

#title Install Fedora 11  h NO repo=
#        root ..........
#        kernel /boot/f11/vmlinuz noselinux
#        initrd /boot/f11/initrd.img
#here I have to pick /dev/sdb1  and /root/diso for directory

you enter these in the anaconda gui.
The leading slash "/"   in  /root/diso is essential.

This is documented on the fedora site somewhere;
the leading slash requirement started with f10.
Are you operating from f11? or earlier?

The entire process for hard disk install,
including detailed instructions for the images directory,
was subject of a long thread Mike Cloaked and Tom Horsley,
I think in Nov 2008, including a bugzilla re the leading slash.
I don't have that bugzilla ref right now.

If my experience is any guide, if you follow the
instructions in that ref, it should just work.


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