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Re: Booting Fedora-12 from hard disk, again, again

2009/12/20 Timothy Murphy <gayleard eircom net>:
> I'm taking the liberty of re-posting this query,
> as there seemed some problems with the previous posting,
> hopefully now resolved:
> Has anyone actually succeeded in booting Fedora-12
> from the DVD ISO file on the hard disk,
> by adding a stanza to grub.conf ?
> I carried out the following commands:
> -----------------------------
> [tim alfred ~]$ sudo mkdir /mnt/Fedora
> [tim alfred ~]$ sudo mount -o loop Fedora-12-i386-DVD.iso /mnt/Fedora/

So that means Fedora-12-i386-DVD.iso is in /home/tim/

> Now when I boot into this, all goes well
> until I try to install from Fedora-12*.iso when I the error
> "Device /dev/sda6 does not appear to contain
> an installation image".
> Am I doing something wrong?

I don't know for certain, but the only time I've ever tried this was
on RHEL and the ISO file had to be on the root of the partition. So I
think that means you should try moving it to
/home/Fedora-12-i386-DVD.iso on the assumption that /dev/sda6 is /home


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