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Re: asus eee pc 1101HA: memtest error

On 12/21/2009 02:16 PM, Colin Brace wrote:
Hi all,

I installed F12 on an Asus Eee 1101HA. Apart from the Intel GMA 500
("Poulbos") video driver, I have gotten most things working, but I am
troubled by frequent system freezes, sometimes literally within minutes of
I can't really help with your memory issue, but unless you plan on coding your own X driver, you will probably want to stick to F11 since it has a functioning Poulbos driver available from RPM Fusion:


It's been working great for me on an Acer A0751h-1401. I'm cannot tell you how frustrated with Intel I am over the GMA-500. It used to be that video was the one thing I never worried about when purchasing a new Linux system: I'd just look for Intel and I'd be fine. I understand that Intel has a lot of moving parts internally, so this is no one person's call, but the difference between being able to count on them all the time and being able to count on them almost all the time is immense, and I can't believe they have bungled this so badly so far.

Anyway, if anyone has any concrete information about people (Intel or otherwise) working on an open driver for this chipset, I'd love know about it. I'd contribute however I can.


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