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gmail endless redirecting

recent update
$ uname -r

Fedora/3.5.6-1.fc11 Firefox/3.5.6

I am getting endless redirecting on my gmail

nothing i try on the gmail site suggestions seems to help.
it allows me to report the problem but  I cant get out of the loop.

The only 'fix' I have found so far is to reboot,  then I seem to be ok
for a while.  But then the problem reoccurs
when I say sign out of one gmail account and try another.

Is this likely a firefox problem?
or combo of f11  kernel and
 firefox 3.5.6 ?

If i reboot to the earlier kernel  ....96,
do I then need to also revert to earlier firefox?  if so, how?

In my recent attempts I clicked on firefox to be default browser
icon changed from orange to blue.
I fear I have made the problem even worse.
How can I revert to standard firefox
--the change didnt help and i would like to go back.

Advice?  anyone else on this list having similar problems?

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