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Samaba Versions ?

I'm still trying to find why Samba doesn't work as expected on my F11 box. I found out there are some issues with the 3.4.2 version after doing some research with Google.

The one on my F12 box seems to work, at least for simple file sharing and browsing on the local home LAN, but not on the F11 box. I've been through all of the iptable stuff already with the help of some on the people on the list here, thanks.

The only difference I see now between the two is the version numbers. On F12 its "3.4.2-47". On F11 its "3.4.2-42". I would have thought that both systems should at least have the same revision level since both are still actively maintained. I can't see where there should be any difference between the two distro releases for this package, F12 and F11.

Without having the same version on each machine leaves open the question that the older version is the problem, the one on the F11 machine. From my research there appears to be a problem with how Samba treats the remote machine that is inconsistent from previous versions. Some posters have reverted back to an older release to solve their problems. I'm wondering if the nasty bug(s) got fixed in the -47 version and not in the -42 version. If so why isn't there an update to the F11 repos? Somebody had to do it for F12.


Leland C. Scott

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