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System is en_US_UTF-8, but desktop is in French - how to translate back to English?

Hi all

I am using Fedora 10, and I was experimenting with internationalisation.

I got something wrong, and now I am stuck with a Desktop where all the
captions are in French, for one user only, while the rest of the system is
correctly showing English.

I know what I did wrong. I changed the system language to French using
system>administration>language. It changed successfully, and then popped up
a dialog (it was in French, but I will use the English translation) with the
heading 'Update standard folders to current language?'. I ticked the box
that said 'Do not ask this again', and pressed enter, which I thought would
select the option to not update. I must have got it wrong. Anyway, because I
ticked the box, if I change back to English it does not bring up the same
option, so everything still displays in French.

As far as I can tell, it is Nautilus that displays the file names. I have
searched high and low, both on the system and using google, to find out how
to re-enable the option, but I have not had any luck. Can someone please


Frank Millman

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