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Re: F12 - Firefox (firefox-3.5.6-1.fc12) SQLite Version Error [NICER WORKAROUND]

On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 12:39 AM, Mike Park <emparq gmail com> wrote:
> Sorry, I'd try and narrow down the culprit, but
> this problem basically cost me a day of work and I'm short on time
> right now. I'll revisit this and update back if I can narrow down the
> real problem later.

Ok, so I found a little more time to focus on this... It turns out to
be just these two packages:


...that cause the problem (well, for me, anyways). I've reverted the
following packages to the original repo versions:

# rpm -e --nodeps firefox xulrunner
# yum install --disablerepo=updates firefox xulrunner

...and that works. No more guess-work about which other packages might
be causing it. So in summary, these versions work:


...and updating them to the following reproduces the problem:



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