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Re: deleted the /root/.ssh folder - what should I do for for recovering the keys

Afaik, that's not possible, unless you have a backup of your .ssk folder.


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On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 9:14 AM, Mark Ryden <markryde gmail com> wrote:
 I have a machine on which I deleted the /root/.ssh folder;

now , I generated in the past a key file , with
ssh-keygen -t rsa

I pasted the contents of the public key file into some servers
(authorized_keys2), so I can
ssh to them without being prompted for a password.

Now, I cannot ssh to these mecahines.
Is there anyway I can recover the old keys I had ?
Running "ssh-keygen -t rsa" does not solve the problem unless I **again**
paste the nre gernerated key into the new machines.


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