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Re: How to get workarounds for specific hardware in Fedora?

On 12/22/2009 01:42 AM, Felix Schwarz wrote:

I use a Dell E521 and since Fedora 10 I have sound problems with every
release of Fedora. Previously there was no sound from the headphone
jack, then no sound at all and with F12 I experienced that the sound
volume reduces itself 'magically' until the volume is completely muted
after 30s (with no way to get the volume up again).

However the hardware is quite common:
00:10.1 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP51 High Definition Audio
(rev a2)

It turns out that it can be fixed by adding a special option to
options snd-hda-intel model="ref"

After a reboot all sound problems were gone (with every release of Fedora).

So as I always need 2-3 weeks to remember the old fix again, I would
like to get this somehow 'in Fedora' so that new systems just will have
working sound from day 0.

Now it's a bit unclear to me whom I should bug so that it get's in.
- Alsa developers?
- Alsa maintainer?
- Anaconda guys?
- fedora-devel list and hope that someone picks it up?

help appreciated :-)

Extract as much info about the card as you can (output from "lspci -v",
"dmidecode", etc.) and post a bugzilla with your fix.  Perhaps it can
be added to Anaconda.
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