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Re: Tar oddity...

DB wrote:

> Just tried to copy the file on the F12 laptop... only 324MB of 1.7GB get
> copied.
> I'm beginning to wonder whether my F12 installation is without error, as
> I keep losing my (KDE) panels.  Each time I add a new one (so that I can
> open these files etc) the widget-adder show x copies of the widgets
> being in use - but I can't find a way of materialising the invisible
> panels....  Also, if I "zoom out" I see 2 "screens", one plain blue, one
> the (for want of a better term) "blue blobby one" - or is this
> somethinf=g to do with disabling the laptop screen with Marko's xrandr
> script???
> Confusion reigns supreme!

It looks like you could have some stability issues.

I would try some basic test for your hardware.
For example:

  while true; do md5sum somefilewithdimensionabout50MB; done

Are the checksum all the same or do they change? If they change,
causes could be: overclocking, bad power supply, bad RAM, bad CPU
or software issues (bad kernel, unstable drivers).

Try then with a bigger file, so it will have to read the disk.
You can try the external disk, so you will test the USB part too.
Create a file of 500MB with:

  dd if=/dev/urandom of=myfile bs=1048576 count=500

(replace 500 with what you want), then checksum it

  while true; do md5sum myfile; done

use a dimension bigger than the RAM you have on your machine,
so you defeat the caching that Linux will try to do.

Another test could be

  [create some file called a]
  cp filea fileb
  while true; do cmp -l a b;done

The idea is do have the machine do a lot of work for which you
already know the results. If you get a bad answer (a and b are
different??) you know the machine is not working well.

   Roberto Ragusa    mail at robertoragusa.it

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